Bushtarion Manual
There are a number of areas that players are able to leaves messages throughout Bushtarion (for example in the Alliance Overview Message, in private Mails and in Alliance Politics Messages, to name a few). In every area, the below Bush Codes are available for use. Very similar in respect to most forum BB Code and some HTML tags, Bush Codes allow for greater functionality within messages that is not available in plain text messages.

Basic Bush Codes

Basic Bush Codes are very simple to use and require no parameters in order to function.

Description Bush Code Example Example Effect
Italics [i][/i] [i]italic text[/i] italic text
Bold [b][/b] [b]bold text[/b] bold text
Underlined [u][/u] [u]underlined text[/u] underlined text
Strike Through [s][/s] [s]strike through text[/s] strike through text
Friendly [f][/f] [f]this is friendly text[/f] this is friendly text
Hostile [h][/h] [h]this is hostile text[/h] this is hostile text
Work-Safe [ws] [url]www.bushtarion.com[/url] [ws] http://www.bushtarion.com/ (work safe!)
Work-Unsafe [wu] [url]www.bushtarion.com[/url] [wu] http://www.bushtarion.com/ (work unsafe!)
Full ID tooltip [id][/id] [id]1[/id] Police HQ [1]
Short ID tooltip [sid][/sid] [sid]1[/sid] 1
Unit Tooltip [unit][/unit] [unit]Gardener[/unit] Gardener
User Profile Link [user][/user] [user]Azzer[/user] Azzer

'Friendly' Text: There are a number of areas in which friendly text is used - for example on incoming defensive mobs, and "friendly" actions. In the default colour scheme within Bushtarion, friendly text is green. This can be changed, however, by configuring a custom colour scheme.

'Hostile' Text: Similar to friendly text, hostile text is used in hostile situations - such as incoming attacking mobs, or outgoing attacking mobs. In the default colour scheme, hostile text is red. This can be changed, however, by configuring a custom colour scheme.

Advanced Bush Codes

Advanced codes often require some number of parameters in order to function, or can use some number of parameters to extend their function (such as in the case of signed quotes).

Description Bush Code Example Example Effect
Align text [align=x][align] [align=left]left aligned text[/align] left aligned text
[align=center]center aligned text[/align] center aligned text
[align=right]right aligned text[/align] right aligned text
Basic URLs [url][/url] [url]www.bushtarion.com[/url] http://www.bushtarion.com
"Advanced" URLs [url=x][/url] [url=www.bushtarion.com]Bushtarion[/url] Bushtarion
Basic Inline Images [img][/img] [img]www.bushtarion.com/images/bush_logo.png[/img]
"Advanced" Inline Images [img=WxH][/img] [img=60x45]www.bushtarion.com/images/bush_logo.png[/img]
Text size [size=x][/size] [size=1]this text is smallest[/size] this text is smallest
[size=5]this text is largest[/size] this text is largest
Simple Quotes [quote][/quote] [quote]I love Bushtarion[/quote]
I love Bushtarion
Signed Quotes [quote=x][/quote] [quote=Weeble]I love Bushtarion[/quote]
Weeble wrote:
I love Bushtarion
Coloured Text [color=x][/color] [color=#ff00ff]this is magenta[/color] this is magenta

Coloured Text

Coloured text can accept any colour acceptable in HTML standards - that is, any valid hex colour, or a valid word colour.