Bushtarion Manual
* Essentials
* Bushtarion Credits
* Game Cash
* Technology Blueprint
* World Booking
* ID Booking
* Credit Limit
* Currencies & Exchange Rates
  The purchasing page is a place where you can spend real life money (either through a PayPal account, or directly through your credit/debit cards via an international card processing company known as WorldPay) to obtain in-game benefits or features. This money goes towards supporting and maintaining the game, and the on-going development/support of it.
  You are able to buy Bushtarion Credits (the "currency" for purchasing game features) from the moment that you sign up your account. The amount of Bushtarion Credits you may purchase is determined by the length of time you have held that account (see Credit Limit below). Once you have obtained some Bushtarion Credits, you can use them to purchase various things in the game; Game Cash, Technology Blueprints, World Booking, and ID Booking.
  If you are confused by the purchasing of Bushtarion Credits through either method of payment, then feel free to read the Walk-Through for WorldPay and PayPal here.

Bushtarion Credits:
  To purchase any of the "in-game benefits", you must first have obtained Bushtarion Credits to pay for them. They are a kind of "Universal Currency" within the game itself - they can be bought for real money (through PayPal, or directly with your major credit/debit cards through Worldpay), transferred to other players (either as gifts or favours in-game or anything else), saved for use in future rounds, and of course are used to purchase things within Bushtarion.
  A single Bushtarion Credit costs exactly £1.00 GBP Sterling - that's United Kingdom currency, so of course 5 Bushtarion Credits is actually £5.00 GBP etc. - please see Currencies & Exchange Rates below for information on other currencies and prices. This ensures that all players pay an equal amount for their Bushtarion Credits regardless of where in the world you are - you might be in the US and paying around $1.80 (rough guide) for each Bushtarion Credit, but as this equates to exactly £1.00 GBP in the world exchange rates it means you are paying no more than anyone else in the world for your purchase.
  Please note that Bushtarion Credits are not redeemable for money nor are they refundable - they can only be used to transfer to other players within the game, or to purchase features available in-game through the Purchasing pages.

Game Cash:
  Game cash is usually enabled around 7 days into the round. Once it is enabled a weekly limit is set which is based upon the daily income of the top 500 ranks. This ensures that being able to purchase game cash has no real advantage of those who cannot. Game cash can be used just like normal funds that you gain from selling seeds/plants. The more game cash that is available when the limit resets, the more you get for your money. For example:
  *£25,000,000,000 game cash - 5 (five) Bushtarion Credits.
  *£125,000,000,000 game cash - 10 (ten) Bushtarion Credits.
  *£325,000,000,000 game cash - 15 (fifteen) Bushtarion Credits.
  *£525,000,000,000 game cash - 20 (twenty) Bushtarion Credits.
  When you purchase game cash, you should receive the game funds to your game account instantly, ready for use the moment payment has been successfully made. It will appear in your news when you do, but note that nobody else can see this, they will only see "Unknown" in a spy report (which could be any number of things).

Technology Blueprint:
  Blueprint technologies allow access to additional units for every route. Ranging from the bribing powers of the Recruitment Officers and Puppet Masters to the outright powerful F-117's and Cybernetic T-Rex's. At a cost of just 5 Bushtarion Credits the cost equates to close to 7p a day overall! Note that during the last 11 days of a round, all blueprint technologies are marked "free", so if you have the resources, you can develop the blueprint to give it a test for the final few days - a bit of a "trial run" to see if you think it is worth buying the next round.
  Upon purchasing your Blueprint, the game will unlock this development for you instantly - so the moment you have made successful payment you will be able to go to the Development page and start your new technology developing (assuming you have enough funds in-game to cover development costs, just like with any development).

World Booking:
  The cost of a world booking will depend on the features that you want in it. You are able to define settings for a private world making it fully customisable. If you want to check the price of a private world, simply enter the details that you would like for the private world by using the drop down boxes, enter a World Passcode and click the 'Book' button. If you are happy with the cost confirm that you would like to book the world. If you would like the cost to change, edit some of the previously selected options and click the 'Book' Button again.
  Owners of the private world have the right to change the world passcode at any time they choose to. World owners are also able to remove players from the world before ticks start. Once the private world has been booked and people start to join the world, the world owner will receive an e-mail notification of people signing up including that user's e-mail address.

ID Booking:
  A full booking enables players, three weeks before the round ends, to book details for the following round. This can ensure the player that their owner name, company name, user name and email address can not be taken by early registrants in the new round. Not only this, but the full booking enables players to book an ID of their choice. Popular IDs include 2-9, 69, 666, 999 and 1337. You can book any ID between 2-9999, but bookings are on a first come, first served basis - so be sure to book as quickly as you can once bookings are enabled, to ensure you book the ID you want!

Credit Limit:
  Bushtarion Credit purchases are limited according to the age of your account. You will get an allowance of (5 * days signup) + (the number days you have had your account for). So for example if you had signed up 7 days ago, you would be able to purchase 63 Bushtarion Credits - the calculation for this is (7 * 5), plus an additional (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7), which totals 63.
  The maximum number of Bushtarion Credits you may purchase is total of 200 (both as a total maximum of credits you can have on your account, and a maximum you can purchase in one go) - more than enough for even a big spender for an entire round. To purchase this full limit, your account must be at least 16 days old.

Currencies & Exchange Rates:
  The price of Bushtarion Credits is fixed at £1 GBP Sterling - the currency of the United Kingdom. You may purchase from Bushtarion wherever you live in the world though - your bank/card company will automatically charge you the correct amount in your own currency using their own exchange rate. While we cannot tell you the exact exchange rate your bank or card company may use, you can get an almost accurate amount by looking up current exchange rates online. One good website for looking up the exchange rates of many currencies is here: http://www.xe.com. Everybody pays the same international value for each credit regardless of where you live in the world though - it is always £1.00 GBP Sterling for each Bushtarion Credit.