Bushtarion Manual
* Essentials
* Anti-Rape
* Anti-Rape Modifier
* Anti-Rape Levels
* Anti-Rape Triggering
* Anti-Rape Troops
††If you prefer working on your own, or you canít find an alliance that is right for you, then solo is probably the right option for you. Playing without an alliance in Bushtarion is not the handicap that it is in other games. Solo players are allowed to have two "solo partners", who they can receive defence from, and send defence to. Solo partners must have mutually set the partnership using the option on the "Alliances" page. To further compensate for the lack of alliance defence solo players are defended by ID 1 - The Government - when attacked by overwhelming forces. This defence is known as 'government defence' or 'anti-rape' and is discussed in more depth here.

Anti Rape
Anti-rape is the name used to describe the automated systems in place to help protect solo players from being attacked by overwhelming forces. This can also be referred to as "Government Defence". It can range from police, to SAS to bizarre Bio-Mechanical Warriors. Please be aware that it is purely to help against overwhelming forces - it isn't there to protect against every single attack on you. The anti-rape systems are fully automated. Defensive mobs sent from ID [1] ("Police HQ of The Government [1]") and are sent by the ticker code. They are never manually sent or recalled. You do not need to mail ID 1 to thank for the defence, nor should you attempt to mail ID 1 asking them to "Recall from your target".

How & When Do I Get It?
Firstly, the key-rule is that the player wanting to get government defence must be classed by the game as "Solo", which requires you to have not been in an alliance for at least 6 hours (36 ticks). You will also be classed as solo from the time you first ever log on/create your account. You can check your solo status at any point by checking your overview under the miscellaneous section. Every tick, the anti-rape code checks a "Solo" player's incomings that are at "ETA 1", "Attacking for 3" and "Attacking for 2" (Although since it calculates it "on the tick", it effectively does it when the mobs have turned into "Attacking for 3" "Attacking for 2" or "Attacking for 1" to the player's eye). If the total valuation (see below) of the current attacking mobs, equates to being more than 1.45 * the victims overall valuation, then it is considered "Rape Level 1". If the total valuation of all incoming units equates to 2.5 * the victims valuation or more, then it is considered "Rape Level 2". At 5.5 * or more, it is "Rape Level 3", and at 13 * or more, "Rape Level 4". If it is less than 1.45 * the victims overall valuation, then no anti-rape is sent. However, there are further "complications" to these calculations (see "Anti-Rape Modifier" below).

The "Valuation" of all of your hostile incoming is calculated with this simple formula Value of staff divided by 500. For example if you purchased 1,000 staff which cost £15,000 each, then the total value of those staff would be ((1000 * £15000) / 500) = £30,000 valuation.

Anti-Rape Modifier
Considered by many to be the most confusing aspect of Anti-Rape is the "Anti-Rape Modifier", or "AR Mod". The "AR Mod" is used as an additional aid to players who have already received certain amounts of losses recently, and will make it potentially easier for them to gain anti-rape. To receive an AR Mod (which is shown as a percentage, the maximum being 90%) you must lose a large amount of valuation in a single tick (not spread throughout multiple ticks). What the AR Mod effectively does is to alter the values needed for each of the anti-rape levels, so that Anti-rape can be trigger by a lesser army than the base 1.45 *. To calculate what affects it has, you must take your AR Mod away from each of the levels (1.45, 2.5, 5.5, 13) - for example if you had an AR Mod of 10%, you would take 10% of 1.45 away from 1.45 (which results in 1.305), 10% away from 2.5 (which results in 2.25) etc. For an AR Mod of 50% you would be taking 50% away from the values (easy to calculate as this is half) which would result in the 4 anti-rape levels being reduced to 0.725, 1.25, 2.75, 6.5. So basically The higher the AR Mod you have, the harder it is for the attacker to attack you without triggering Anti-rape. The AR Modifier has a maximum of 90%.

Anti-Rape Levels
Rape level 1 Only "Police" are sent (Non-lethal). Rape level 2 Only "Riot Police" are sent (More powerful & ranged non-lethal). Rape level 3 "SAS" will go in with Riot Police. The SAS guys can kick arse in large quantities. The number of SAS and Riot Police sent is determined by the number of "Lethal" and "Non-Lethal" attackers present (with the SAS trying to cover the lethal attackers). Rape level 4 Bio-Mechanical Warriors go in. Basically, don't mess with these guys unless you want to be a melted puddle on the floor. There are one or two exceptions to the above. At rape Levels 1 & 2 - if any of the attacking units are "Lethal", then the rape level is automatically upgraded to rape level 3. Likewise at rape level 3, if there are no hostile lethal units, then the rape level is automatically downgraded to rape level 2. With regards to how many anti-rape units are sent - the amount is calculated using the difference between the total hostile incoming valuation and the victims own overall valuation - the difference being used to calculate how many anti-rape units to send - essentially "making-up" for the victims units to give the victim more of a chance against the attackers. Note that at rape level 3, the units sent can be a combination of SAS and Riot Police, depending on how many lethal/non-lethal units the attacker is sending.

Anti-Rape Triggering
After the first week of each round, the Anti-Rape triggering counter is introduced. Each time a player triggers government defence, when there is a player attacking the same target on an earlier tick, they have their AR trigger counter increased. It is never increased if AR is triggered, and the player attacking is the first or only attacker; it is intended to punish players who force AR to attend when there was already another player attacking the solo target.
The AR trigger counter drops over time, but players who frequently trigger AR against earlier attackers will begin to lose increasing amounts of Honour, and their own AR mod will drop. Eventually, the Government will refuse to defend the AR triggerer, regardless of how much incoming they may have.

Anti-Rape Troops
Most of the information/stats for anti-rape troops is hidden information. However, the targetting of each of the 4 anti-rape types are below;
Police Targets INN primary, ALL secondary. Riot Police Targets INN primary, ALL secondary. SAS Targets LET primary, ALL secondary. Bio-Mechanical Warrior Targets LET primary, ALL secondary. If you'd prefer to rely upon fellow players to defend you, rather than relying upon automated government defence, you're probably better off joining an alliance, which is discussed on the next page.