Bushtarion Manual
* Essentials
* Score
  Bushtarion has 1 main "scoring" or "ranking" system in the game, which players can gain or lose ranks in. This "score" roughly relates to how big you are (or aren't!) compared to other players. An alliance's score is simply a sum of all of the alliance's member's scores.

  Score can be thought of as what the government would value your company at if it were to liquidate all of your assets and sell them on. It determines your allowable "attack ranges" (eg you cannot attack anybody below 30% of your score), and for things such as anti-rape - all part of the Government's "anti-monopoly" programs. Score is calculated from this formula: (Total land * Total land * 10) + (Staff Hiring Cost, Cash stored, Intelligence Items, Planted plants sale value, stored plants sale value, planting plants sale value, stored seeds sale value) divide by 500 + (Total value of completed developments, by base cost) divide by 2500. This is the last page in the guide to Bushtarion's basic concepts, if you've had any problems so far, it is best to ask for clarification either in our help & support forum, or by using the "Request Help" link ingame.