Bushtarion Manual
* Essentials
* Honour
* Fame
* H/F Rating
* Knights & Wizards
* Bounties
* Gaining Honour
* Losing Honour
* Titles
Honour & Fame is a system within Bushtarion to help encourage more "even" attacks, while discouraging "dirtier tactics" (such as mass waving, bashing etc.). It does not force anybody to play by a certain set of rules or a certain style, but it can help out those that spend their rounds hitting people close to their score or larger than themselves, those that defend their allies against overwhelming odds, those that brave large incomings and fend off mass attackers... and will give some downsides to those that pick on the smallest targets they can hit, those that join in with 19 other attackers just to hit 1 target, and those that take part in mass waves where a single target has incoming over a long period of ticks. Fair play is always encouraged, but never fully forced - evil players can play that way if they wish, they just need to expect to face some other challenges if they daren't face the challenges of skilled and equal enemies!

Honour is an official measure of how "Honourable" (positive honour) or "Dishonourable" (negative honour) you are, according to some built in "game rules". It can be negative or positive - a value of 0 indicates complete "neutrality" - e.g you are neither honourable nor dishonourable.
Honour can be achieved through defending yourself against attackers similar in size or larger, through defending your allies (particularly when defending "against all odds"), and through attacking people similar in size to yourself or larger. The more successful you are in these activities and the harder the odds, the more honour you can gain.
Honour can be lost through activities such as attacking people considerably smaller than yourself, or repeatedly picking on the same individual. The more successful you are in these particular activities, the higher the honour losses can be.

Fame is an official measure of how "Famous" you are, and again is according to some built in "game rules". It can never go below 0, unlike honour.
Fame can be achieved in large quantities through successful attacks or successful defences - success being rated loosely on "who took the most damage" and "how much damage was done". The worse your odds of success were, the larger the fame gains can be - so taking on somebody twice your size and knocking them for 6 is a deed worthy of a lot of fame, while picking on somebody less than half your size and coming away limping isn't going to net you much fame.
Fame can only be lost through "inactivity" - it will drop, very slowly, every single tick by a percentage of how much fame you have. So if you want to keep your fame intact, be sure you don't sit idly in the rankings for weeks on end! Go find an enemy, or make an enemy of someone... you want to be famous, don't you!?

H/F Rating:
The "World Tables" page defaults to "H/F Rating" - this stands for "Honour and Fame Rating". This is basically a figure that gives an overall representation of both your honour and fame combined. Note that negative honour instantly gives you a negative H/F Rating, while positive honour instantly gives you a positive H/F Rating.
To get the highest rating you can, you want to ideally work on getting large volumes of honour as well as large volumes of fame - simply having a high figure in one but not the other will not give you the best overall H/F Rating.

Knights & Wizards:
Players with a high H/F rating are rewarded with two bonus units, White Wizards and White Knights. White Knights join players when they reach 3,500 H/F, whilst only players with over 8,000 H/F will begin to gain White Wizards. When over these limits, the units will begin to join players, capped at a maximum of half of their H/F rating per tick. These units are acquired each tick based on H/F and can not be bought. As well as a cap on the amount that can be gained each tick, there is a maximum number of each unit that a player can have at any one time, based upon their H/F rating. A player's H/F rating dropping can lead to White Knights and Wizards leaving them. White Knights and White Wizards can be sent to defend, however, they can not be sent to attack.

Bounties are placed based on an overall negative Honour & Fame Rating. If you have an honour of -250 or worse, your H/F Title will give you a set bounty level, with worse (more criminal) titles placing larger bounties on your head. Bounties can be claimed by other people, and are claimed by killing your troops at your own company, or by stealing your land... So be careful of how much of a criminal you make of yourself, or you could find people start to hunt you down just for the bounty. All players, regardless of their H/F, have a base bounty of 5%, which is added to any further bounty placed on them from H/F.

Gaining Honour:
There are a number of ways in which you may gain honour. The first is through defending your allies or friends in times of need - the worse the odds are stacked against you (and the other defenders), the more potential you have for gaining honour. The more successful your defense based on these odds, the more honour you may gain also. Sending masses of defense against a tiny incoming and actually losing quite a lot of staff will not grant much, if any, honour at all. The second way of gaining honour is through attacking other players in an "honourable fashion". What the game sees as "honourable" is essentially the larger the target, the more potential honour you can gain - starting from around 70% of your gscore for the lowest honour gains, rising greatly for targets actually bigger than yourself. The amount of honour gained is also effected by the "Success" of your attack - eg attacking somebody twice your size, alone, and managing to take out half of their staff with minimum losses to yourself can give high rewards - tactics and strategies of your units come in to great play here. The amount of honour gained from an attack can also be drastically magnified if the person you attack in an honourable fashion is themselves dishonourable - so it's recommended you hunt dishonourable people around the same size as yourself for the best potential of gaining honour rapidly!

Losing Honour:
You will lose honour for actions deemed as being "dishonourable" by the game. By and large this means attacking somebody that is considerably smaller than yourself - eg less than 70% of your score. The smaller they are, the more honour you may lose. The amount of damage you do to them will also affect the amount of honour you lose. Be aware that the combined attackers scores are used here - so even if you attack somebody twice your size, if there's 10 of you doing it then you can still lose honour (and there may be other attackers attacking your target at the same time as you that you aren't even aware of, which can result in negative honour - careful target selection and scanning can play a key role here). Finally, repeatedly attacking the same target in short spaces of time can start resulting in negative honour - so don't keep trying to pick on the same poor person! Remember that a negative H/F Rating will give your troops negative experience, making them fight less effectively than others around you, and you may also be more heavily targetted by people seeking honour if you yourself have negative honour.

Titles are visible throughout the game for every individual and are on most of the games main pages, such as world view, world rankings, world tables, search, and will also filter through in to end-of-round portal pages. They represent what a player is "like" - eg how famous, honourable they are.
Alliances can also have titles, which are calculated based upon the H/F gains/losses made by players whilst in the alliance. When alliance members leave, the H/F earned/lost stays within the alliance, and when a new member joins, none of their H/F is taken into account, only what they earn during their time in the alliance.
All the possible titles and how they compare to eachother are in the below table:

Note: The percentages in brackets next to certain titles refer to the "bounty" level placed on the heads of players that receive those titles.
Points F a m e
<=150 >150 to <=400 >400 to <=750 >750
< -5000 Outcast (43%) Wretched (53%) Nefarious (60%) Dreaded (71%)
<-3500 to >=-5000 Despicable (34%) Dastardly (44%) Wicked (51%) Evil (62%)
<-1500 to >=-3500 Scoundrel (27%) Malicious (37%) Vile (44%) Villainous (55%)
-700 to >=-1500 Unsavoury (15%) Criminal (25%) Ignoble (32%) Sinister (42%)
<=-250 to >=-700 Rude (5%) Disreputable (8%) Notorious (11%) Infamous (15%)
<=200 201 to 1000 1001 to 3500 >=3501
>-250 to <250 Nobody Notable Prominent Famed
<=300 >300 to <=1500 >1500 to <=5000 >5000
>=250 to <=700 Fair Upstanding Reputable Distinguished
>700 to <=2000 Kind Respectable Proper Eminent
>2000 to <=5000 Good Lawful Admirable Renowned
>5000 to <=10000 Honest Commendable Noble Illustrious
> 10000 Trustworthy Estimable Great Glorious