Bushtarion Manual
Player Tips
* Essentials
* Possible Starting Strategies
* Improve Your Route Knowledge
* Alliance Setups
  Some important things to recall before you launch into what the players have to say. Some of these strategies may or may not suit your play style. You may choose to use a different route, a different strategy or be a part of an alliance with a completely different alliance setup. This isn't to say that anything that you have different to what other players have is completely wrong. It simply means that you're playing the game differently to how others are playing it. This is another way in which Bushtarion is unique in its genre - you are free to play it how you wish.

Possible Starting Strategies:
  The following is a selection of starting strategies put forward by players who are willing to share some of their tips and secrets with you. Some of the strategies below will suit you, others will not. Try a couple of different strategies to see which one you prefer, or even come up with your own.
  Adept wrote: My first 5 acres I usually cultivate tree, then after that I tend to stick to bush. Before the ticks start I buy as many tree seeds as I can in order to fill my acres.
  Agit wrote: The common mistake at the start is to buy 1 of each land type. This results in a massive need for harvesters (and gardeners) at the very beginning, therefore I suggest cultivating the first 5 acres (don't buy land with your starting cash!) on tree, or a combination of tree and bush. In the night time only 5% of your harvesters work so make sure that you have 20 times the amount of harvesters you would normally need to harvest all the seeds your acres produce by late afternoon of the first game day. Come early hours of the morning, you plant everything, if you have managed to muster enough gardeners. You should be able to now be able to buy around 7 acres with the money from the plants (don't sell all the plants, leave some so you don't have to buy any to fill up the acres you are going to buy) and again make sure you have enough harvesters at the end of the day. The first 3-6 hours of the round should pass repeating that. Of course, you might need to buy up hippies and/or yobs to defend yourself and/or your ally members at some point. When you think you are ready you can start attacking people. I usually start this stage when I have 200-400 acres (wheelbarrowers cost tonnes, or at least it feels like it in the beginning) you need 33 wheelers to steal 1 acre so if your target has 300 acres you would need roughly 1500 wheelers to take the maximum land grab (provided that no def arrives).
  Amethyst wrote: I Start off with the 5 bush lands, vote everyday & sell all the other seeds except bush to buy bush plants, usually comes up to about 3 bush plants a day. Buy more bush land after the 5 are planted out & making sure there are enough harvesters. I try not to get too carried away with buying land at the start preferring instead to go attacking earlier in the round, so when the targets start getting harder to steal from, I can always buy up some more land & it won't impede my progress. Also, staying active during the first weekend is very important, but there's no need to wake out all night as I hear some people think they need to. Basically, all you need to do is get in the top 50 and stay there, when you log out at say around 11:30pm and when you log in at 4-5am so (my time) you find that you're still in the first 100-150 and can easily get back up from there.
  Azzer wrote: The first 5 land I stick to trees due to the low number of gardeners & harvesters needed to handle them. I use all spare cash to buy tree seeds (which I then grow) from the supply depot, to try and get my land full as quickly as possible. Once my first 5 land is full, I start selling plants for profit and expanding from there - trying to be sure to maintain a high harvester count for maximum night-time efficiency. I'll aim for a good balance of land later to lessen the effects of the exponential seed growth system, and give me good seasonal boosters all-round.
  Bloedhound wrote: I usually cultivate all my land in bush. Don't buy land when the game is yet to start! Then I buy up until I have around 400-500 land. Then I focus on developments.
  hadtosay wrote: I usually cultivate my land 1-2 tree with 3-4 bush. I use the daily voting prior to the round start to generate extra seeds and planting those - planting the tree and bush plants. Selling the flower and grass plants and seeds buying anywhere from 25-75 gardeners and harvesters and then trying to buy up extra bush and tree plants to get my acres filled sooner. With extra funds starting to roll in near late afternoon, I start buying harvesters and gardeners (2-3:1 ratio).
  Hewo wrote: First I cultivate all my 5 acres for bush via the Land Management page. Then I use my starting funds to buy bush plants and I plant them. Before the round starts I vote daily to ensure I gain the maximum number of seeds. I sell all of the seeds gained and buy more bush plants.
  Martin wrote: First Tick: 1. Cultivate all acres to Bush. 2. Sell Tree, Flower and Grass plants. 3. Buy as many Bush plants as you can. 4. Plant Bush plants and grow all seeds. Second Tick: 1. Plant the Bush plants. 2. Grow all seeds. 3. Sell Tree, Flower and Grass plants. 4. Buy as many Bush plants as possible. 5. Plant the Bush plants. Third Tick: 1. Plant Bush plants. 2. Sell Remaining Tree, Bush, Flower and Grass plants. 3. Sell all seeds. 4. Buy as many Harvesters as possible. Fourth Tick : 1. Sell enough seeds to buy up to 450 Harvesters. Fifth Tick: 1. Sell enough seeds and buy up to 550 Harvesters. Sixth Tick: 1. Sell enough seeds to buy enough Gardeners to grow them. 2. Grow all remaining seeds. Seventh Tick: 1. Sell *most* of the Bush plants, and then buy acres. 2. Buy as many acres as possibly and make sure they are filled. Eighth Tick: 1. Sell *most* of the Bush plants, and then buy acres. 2. Buy as many acres as possibly and make sure they are filled. Ninth Tick: 1. Make sure all acres are full then, Sell all of the Bush plants. 2. Calculate how many Harvesters you need using "My Calc". 3. Spend enough funds to get this amount, if you do not have enough, and then sell seeds. Tenth Tick: 1. *ONLY* If you do not have enough Harvesters, sell more seeds and get the correct amount.
  Meneldil wrote: When playing at the beginning of round I tend to invest first of all in bush for the high-income with relatively few harvesters needed. Once I've reached about 15 - 20 land I switch to grass, to give me the early-on boost of additional income compared with the rest of the player base, due to the large numbers of harvesters required I'll tend to use harvesters as flak, as though it cuts my income at night a bit while they're away it means I can use the money which I'd otherwise have to use on gardeners for flak on more land/harvesters - Spring is a sunny season so I needn't plant all my seeds at once. By the time the seasons change I'll have stolen enough land from other people that my initial land bought makes only a little difference. When I reach about 150 land I'll change back to buying bush land for the increased income in future seasons. I'll generally stop buying land altogether when I reach 300 or so, but may have gone on a few attacks before then.
  Steve_God wrote: I've tried various strategies and still not found 'the' best combo, although finally, I think I may have cracked it with a different mix of tree and bush. I vote a lot, sell all seeds and plants that I won't use, and then buy up in those lands that I have bought, making sure I have enough gardeners/harvesters as appropriate. As a general rule of thumb (that changes according to weather) in a typical day on Friday night I will; Before Sun Tick: Plant Seeds. 1st Sun Tick: Sell plants (not all), buy land, and fill immediately with remaining plants. 2nd Sun Tick: Buy gardeners. 3rd Sun Tick: Buy Harvesters in preparation for the night ticks. I normally start attacking as soon as I can afford to spare gardeners (normally around 150-200 land) however I will normally buy up to around 500 while still attacking.
  Sordes wrote: It always depends on what route I'll be using, but for before the ticker starts, in most rounds I cultivate my land: 1 Tree and 4 Bush. Depending on the rate of others around me, I could buy up to 500 acres of land, but I usually start attacking once I have 300 acres.

Improve Your Route Knowledge:
  This section will outline a few players' favourite routes. They also share what kind of targets they like to attack and what kind of troop set up they use.
  * Robotics
  * Military
  * Special Operations
  * Fantasy
  * Protestor
  * Thugs
  Agit wrote: Robotics Psychopathic Androids route is relatively easy to handle and it is one of the most powerful routes there is. I my self like playing with Robotics and Harriers, both can do wonders if you know what you are doing. With Robotics massing on Psychopathic Androids is effective, with the Psychopathic Androids low initiative they fire before most of the other units that can harm them (barring RPG's) 5:1:1 Psychopathic Androids: Cybernetic Warrior: Tyrant Drones can do wonders against almost every target in your range. That specially works against SO players. Robotics is vulnerable against all military routes, especially RPG side.
  Hadtosay wrote: Robotics - Psychopathic Androids, Cybernetic Warrior, Tyrant Drones 3:1:1 or 4:2:1 - something I experimented with was 2-3:1:1:2 Psychopathic Androids, Cybernetic Warrior, Tyrant Drones, Crazed Droids- Crazed and pa's have similar armor and cost roughly the same. I almost always play in an alliance and having crazed around are just handy for those overwhelming flak attacks. Plus if you are being attacked and you get any defense help whatsoever - attackers, finding that they have to chew through a lot of Robotics plus the INN only killings of the Crazed Droids, usually change their minds. Autos are just paper in the later stages.
  Loser wrote: My most loved route is Shields - perfect LET flak and bloody tough, I enjoyed attacking every route with these and comfortably winning. As for ratios I generally use 6 shields: 2 Cybernetic Warriors: 1 Tyrant Drone and then forget about the Crazed Droids I don't use them much.
  Shadowstrike wrote: For robotics I used: 2-4 Psychopathic Androids:2 Cybernetic Warriors:1 Tyrant Drone. To that I usually had 1mil Automotons, 1-5mil Small droids and 0.5-1mil crazed, as sweepers/extra units. I liked to attack Thugs, Protestors and Special Operations (with no assassins) routes. When attacking thugs have a massive amount of flak.
  GuFF wrote: I prefer playing the Military Harrier branch most. I tend to use a ratio of 1-3 Harriers : 1 Ranger : a few flamethrowers. If I have a lot of harriers, I prefer to attack robotic players. If I have more Rangers, then I prefer to hit the Special Operations routes.
  Harbinger wrote: I love playing the Military Harrier route. With the Harrier route I tend to have 1.5:1 Ranger: Harrier - just to cover the SO threat - plus some Flamers and cheap lethal flak in Officers / Privates. The last two rounds I haven't bothered with F117's although they are very useful in putting off Prot attackers - and launching fake stealth attacks. With Harriers it's Robotics, Robotics or Robotics! Rangers are good against SO Assassins as long as you have enough of them!
  Harriergirl wrote: I love to play Military Harrier and I use privates as my LET flak. I keep to a rough ratio of 5:3:2:1, Privates, Rangers, Harriers, F-117's that way when I attack, the cheap Privates flak my Rangers and Harriers, F-117's are sweet to defend your own stuff, or to absolutely wipe out a target, but aren't really that good for helping alliance members or sending out on land grabs because of their ETA. My favourite route to attack is Robotics and poorly proportioned people of the same route.
  Hobbezak wrote: I enjoy playing Apaches, since they are enormously strong. Normally I take the ratio 1 apache - 1.5 Striker - 2 Grenadier and some private flak if I haven't been zeroed lately. When attacking I like to target Robotics without Cybernetic Warriors, Military Harriers without too many Rangers or at least without F-117 or Thugs if I just want to kill something.
  Iliard wrote: The route is very strong offensively with the RPG firing very early giving you the ability to do some real damage to your opponents before they even have a chance of firing! The draw back is that this route lacks defensively, with the units dying very easily, so make sure your fast firing lets kill them, before they kill you. Be warned, this route struggles as your main units will fire only Ranged and many players, if defending against you will last tick and do some real damage against your units. The route, along with having the ability to devastate has the fun addition of the Recruitment Officer as a bribing unit which can either give the route an alternative way of playing, maybe to cover your weakness last tick. When playing RPG, robotics is my choice of target. My ratios for this route were around 6 Humvee: 2 Shock Trooper: 3 Sniper: 4 RPG.. The humvee count is important, if you find yourselves taking big hits, higher it to make the ratio defensive, or if youíre coasting freely in a strong alliance lower it to become more offensive. Similarly, if you want to attack Robo, high RPGs are needed as they do the armour damage required, but to protect from being hit by the SO route, 3 RPG : 5 Sniper would be required for the snipers health damage.
  John wrote: I enjoy playing the Military RPG branch. I tend to use a ratio of 6 Humvee: 0.75 Shock Trooper: 2 Sniper: 3 RPG. My favourite targets are Robotics (Cyborg Soldier branch especially) and Military Harrier routes.
  Nonny wrote: For a developed striker route privates are terrible flak; both expensive and ineffective. Heavy weapons are superior in every way, or if you buy them, Marines look like one of the best complimentary P units in the game!!?? The only benefit of privates is numbers which can be useful when you're undeveloped, as they'll shield your essential Grenadiers for a lower cost than Heavy Weapons. I don't follow ratios slavishly, but I like to leave a rough ratio when I log off. A solo with an unbalanced army is easy pickings. So, my ratios are very loose, purely guidelines. Pre-Striker: Privates/heavy weapons/grenadiers - 2/1/1. Developed: Heavy weapons/grenadiers/striker/apache - 6/1/4/2. As for attacking people anything unbalanced can often be game. Assuming decent balance though, for strikers I liked Robotics', Military Harriers and Thugs.
Special Operations:
  Adept wrote: I normally end up playing Special Operations Route (Assassins branch) due to the fact I love playing games with alliances and stealth. Usually I go for equal numbers of Secret Agents and Assassins and have some Ninjas for clean up something like 2/2/1. In terms of attacking, I like to target Military routes except Rangers unless they're massing on Harriers. With the extra assassins I can sometimes pick on slightly weaker Robotics. I can also attack on anyone with bad ratios to kill health.
  Azzer wrote: As a solo player, I enjoy the Assassin/Secret Agent Special Operations route. This is largely down to the fact that as a solo player (truly solo - no friends I team up with), stealth really gives me some advantages I need - I can successfully attack alliances with players around or even larger than my valuation, by making good use of tactics using "fake stealth mobs" to confuse the enemy in to not knowing where to defend, and can often land on my targets regardless of what alliance they are in, though I do have some arch-enemies as this route - I personally particularly dislike coming up against thug and some robotic routes/setups. My ratio can change depending on what rank I'm getting to, and what sort of enemies I've made - what routes they are etc. My "generic" ratio would possibly be something vaguely along the lines of 4 Secret Agent: 3 Assassin: 2 Ninja, with necessary stealth harvesters and stealth thieves. RPG heavy military people are an absolute walkover for my setup, and are probably the easiest target of the lot when you can catch them undefended. There are other route setups that are similar to the RPG military route, and I will also go for these.
  MaXiMuZZZ wrote: I prefer Special Ops Assassins with Secret Agents and Stealth Harvesters; I love the 100% stealth mobs once you have stealth flak. Also, a lot of people tend to avoid Secret Agent encounters. I usually stick to 3SA:4Assassins:2ninjas. I prefer to be pretty heavy on anti-armour, because from what I've seen Robotics often attack Special Operations. Don't underestimate the ninjas, they kill the units that got ripped off their armour by assassins, and are great flak and leftover killers.
  ShadowStrike wrote: I love playing Special Operations - Secret Agents I used (if Secret Agents): 3-2 SA, 2 Assassins and 0.5-1 Ninja. If no Secret Agents: 2 Assassins 1 Ninja, Traps and Stealth Geo's where needed. With these set-ups if you have Secret Agents, Military are nice targets, Thugs fall easy and you can always flak a protester (sometimes other Special Operations). If you don't have Secret Agents, robotics (with manageable amounts of Psychopathic Androids), Military Harrier, if more Harrier then Ranger (Rangers will hurt), you can try Military Striker.
  As a new route, there are no tips for the Fantasy route yet! Wait a couple of rounds, and perhaps some players will add their comments here. Maybe you could add your own?
  Bloedhound wrote: I usually play Protestor (Political Mastermind side). And I usually go mass Political Masterminds, as there are more people with guru in the alliance. When developing I go straight to Political Masterminds and after that go for the Geo-thieves. The targets I prefer are harrier (preferably without F117), RPG, Apache (if they have a small amount of Striker/ Apache), also Spec ops are quite ok to attack (when you've got hypnotists its fun to collect spike traps and sleeping gas traps).
  Darryl wrote: There are 3 benefits to picking the violent Demonstrator route. First of all out of the 4 routes which have access to Terrorists, the Violent Demonstrator route is the second quickest to reach the Terrorist unit, with the quickest being the Thug Thief route. Secondly, the combination of early protester units such as gurus and the lethals later on makes the Violent Demonstrator very powerful, particularly in alliance play. Gurus are vital to an alliance early in the round, whilst Violent Demonstrators are one of the best units to defend against robot attacks. The final benefit of the Violent Demonstrator route is that the Purchase Unit isnít as important as it is in other thug routes, though itís still a useful unit. The Terrorist Leader unit provides much needed Armour Damage to the thug route, and also targets Lethals as a primary target, however, on the violent Demonstrator route, last tick defence can be very strong, as Violent Demonstrators are a cheap, quick firing armour stripper, which leaves the Terrorist to inflict Health Damage upon the lethals, as well as killing INN flak. My preferred targets with this route are Special Operations (Assassins), if they donít have the Secret Agent unit then they are a walk in the park. The Protester Leaders which disables the Spike Traps, and Violent Demonstrators which kill Gas Traps provide yet another reason to chose this route over any other Terrorist route. The most valuable piece of unit information I can give about this route, and of the Protester route in general is to not underestimate the usefulness of the Hippy Van.
  Hewo wrote: Protestor Political Masterminds is a real easy route to tech. Great route early both offensively and defensively. I usually try to stick to a ratio of 3 Political Masterminds: 1 Protestor Leader: 3 Hippy Vans. I find it to be a good attacking combination. The vans providing flak for the Political Masterminds so they can do the dirty work, and the leaders to stop any traps/defenders on the last tick.
  LadyDarkAngel wrote: I've enjoyed playing Protestor Political Masterminds branch. For this route I think I used 5 Political Masterminds, 2 hippies, 2 hippy vans and 0.5 Loudspeaker Protestors. As a protestor I'd target pretty much anything. Staying away from the bikers and F-117 and not too keen on hitting Cybernetic Warriors / Tyrant Drones but nothing else worried me. I found attacking Special Operations was easier and more rewarding once I developed Hypnotists.
  Melnibone wrote: I like the Protestor Extremist route. It's a hard route to play unless you're active and have good alliance coverage to wake you to send out with this route you can kill anything last tick. For the Extremist route I use a ratio of around 5 Extremist 5 Fanatic 3 Protestor Leader 10 Protestor Gurus 2 News Vans and 1 Yob. Early in the round anyone who has played this route knows that rebels are quick to obtain and fire faster than most comparable troops (Officers, Heavy Thugs etc); later in the round you have to look for players with poor setups or attack non lethal protestors.
  Yoyo wrote: I enjoy playing with terrorists, so the Protestor Violent Demonstrator has to be my choice of route. With the Prot Violent Demonstrator branch is tend to use a ratio of 10 Protestor Guru, 10 Protestor Leaders, 5 Hippy Vans, 20 Loudspeaker Protestors, 20 Terrorists, 10 Terrorist Leaders, 15 Violent Demonstrators. The combination of Terrorist Leaders and Violent Demonstrators destroys Special Ops traps with ease. This route is very good and easy to play at the beginning of the round. With the right alliance behind you and a good level of activity, it would be very hard to lose any land with this route. For this route, Special Ops without Secret Agents are a walk in the park. The rest of the routes can pose a challenge unless they are properly balanced. With help from alliance mates, any route is a good target though.
  Jorizzz wrote: I like the Thug Petrol Bomber route; it's a cheap and quick route to develop with some strong units, tech up to Heavy Thugs as soon as possible and keep on massing Hooligans at the start. After that race to Petrol Bombers at that stage they're the strongest unit in the game, take advantage of it! Try getting to Terrorists as soon as possible also; they're excellent at killing flak, later in-game you can use the Jeep to flak your LET units. It's worth by the purchase unit (Terrorist Leaders) to have a good unit that targets LET as its primary class. When using this route I tend to use a ratio of 7.5 Hooligan: 1 Heavy Thug: 2 Petrol Bombers: 7 Jeep: 4 Terrorists: 3 Terrorist Leader: Any number of Bikers. I Mass on Hooligans because of their high initiative, they're cheap and good at disabling; a few Heavy Thugs as sweepers; 2 Petrol Bombers as some co-flak killers; Jeeps to flak your LET units; Terrors for killing the INN classed units; and Terrorist Leaders for the Lethal work; Bikers as said depends on if you wish to target Protestors.
  Nonny wrote: I enjoy playing the Thug Petrol Bomber route. My ratios varied greatly, as later on I found myself in a mini war with some other players including a Robotic player. Generally, I attacked with enough terrorists to wipe out the enemy innocents as soon as possible, preferably first tick. Petrol bombers hitting without innocents around to waste firepower are truly awesome in effect. I didn't get bikers until after jeeps. Terrorists are important to stop you getting flaked, but it's the jeeps which will save your army. Early heavy thugs combined with hooligans are effective. Heavy thugs are a strong early unit. Pre-Robotic war: Hooligans/ Heavy Thugs/ Petrol Bombers/ Terrorists/ Jeeps/ Bikers: 1/1/5/5/5/1. During Robotic war: Hooligans/ Thugs/ Petrol Bombers/ Terrorists/ Jeeps/ Bikers: 3/1/5/4/9/1. Jeeps are important for a solo thug, I can't comment for ally players. If you're solo and get hit hard without jeeps, your soft Petrol Bombers and Terrorists are history. When using these troops' setups my favourite routes to attack were Protestors and Military RPG players with a low amount of armoured units.

Alliance Setups:
  Bloedhound wrote: The best alliance setup in my opinion is one that can work together without fighting... of course you'll need a night watch team in your alliance to NOT die at night, but a team that works together and coordinated by someone that can lead an alliance is a strong team. Also try to avoid 'score queens' and 'suiciders' in your alliance.
  Hadtosay wrote: The leaders and the officers should be considered one voice. Make sure, no matter how experienced the player, that for better or worse they stand by the decisions made by leadership (doesn't mean they have to agree). I like to have a variety of people from different countries. I like to have staggered time zones otherwise you will get taken out with great quickness when you sleep. Try to ensure your 'core' group in your alliance has high activity times. If you don't think you are going to be very active, you should probably not hold leadership. Always avoid asking others to do something you are not willing to do.
  Harbinger wrote: Time zone coverage is important, but as long as there is at least one person on all of the time and the other members of the alliance are prepared to be woken up, then it's not vital to have geographical spread. The most important thing bar none regarding alliance set-up is trust.
  Martin wrote: Make sure you have a crew of people who will be happy to take losses defending, make sure you have a Political Mastermind player on at the weak time as to keep land effectively... so a Political Mastermind Australian? Most Australians tend to like powerful routes such as Robotics. An alliance set-up is what works for the players best, so try a few things out, don't be afraid to test new waters... you can only learn, and in the game experience is everything.
  MaXiMuZZZ wrote: A strong and a represent leader, a Communications Officer that is good with words(some people can talk others into multiple things, even recalling from a target), and an active Military Officer that can organise defence if needed and alliance attacks from time to time to improve the fun-factor and team play within the alliance. The latter one is very important; the members in an alliance should be happy and proud to be part of the team, which will make them work harder for the common goals. I think that you have to hold votes or discussions from time to time on important decisions, and always listen to what each member has to say or add. The leader should still make the decision, but with the opinion of his members in his head.
  Sordes wrote: When it comes to routes it's never any set formula; it depends on the personality of players, how well one can co-operate as well as how active they are etc. all these factors and more effect what the "ideal" route setup would be. When it comes to members it doesn't overly matter, as long as a few minor things are in place: Around the clock coverage, basically meaning there is always someone on watching, and with the ability to wake other members up when needed be. And the last point is members willing and able to get up when needed. That's basically it!