Bushtarion Manual
* Essentials
* Delete
* Sleep
* ID Options
* Colour Schemes
  The preferences page will enable you to customise the way in which you play the game. From this page you are able to change whether you would like to join or create an alliance, for example. You are also able to change your colour scheme, delete your account, change your personal NAPs, view any polls in game, put your account into sleep mode, or set a new password for your account.

  On this page you are able to mark your ID for deletion IDs are deleted after an amount of time relative to your acre count (see below). If you log in between marking the ID for deletion within the allotted hours then the deletion will be cancelled. Creating a new ID whilst your ID is marked for deletion is impossible, creating a new account and starting a new ID with it is against the EULA and will result in both accounts being removed. The time it will take for your ID to be deleted is given on the in-game ID Deletion page, but the times are as follows;
  Deletion times for world 1 IDs:
  * <10 land = 1 hour
  * 10-49 land = 6 hours
  * 50-249 land = 24 hours
  * 250+ land = 48 hours
  Deletion times for private world IDs:
  * <10 land = 10 minutes
  * 10-49 land = 1 hour
  * 50-249 land = 2 hours
  * 250+ land = 4 hours

  This page enables you to enter sleep mode. You can go into sleep mode for 8 hours, 24 hours, 72 hours, 1 week or 2 weeks. Once in sleep mode you will be unable to log in until the period of time has passed. Once the time passes you will be able to log in. Your account collects no seeds whilst in sleep mode.

ID Options:
  This page holds several options that you can either disable or enable, which ever is your preferences. Each of the options gives a description of what they do underneath on the in-game page. The list of options are; "Word Filter Disabled", "Disable 'Your Alliance' Images", "Disable Search Box Auto Hide", "Hide Hiring Adverts", "Hide Hiring Descriptions", "Hide Show Help Links", "Disable Advanced Tooltips", "Keep Portal Nick Anonymous" and "Enable Live Hyperlinks".

Colour Schemes:
  There are 11 "core schemes" built in to the core game you can choose from on the "Select Core Scheme" - these are all fairly basic layouts based around certain colour themes. You can browse custom colour schemes other users have made public on the "Browse User Schemes" - and see easily which are the most highly rated, or most popular. To use somebody elses custom colour scheme, simply select the "Copy" option on the right hand side, which will copy the scheme to your own custom colour schemes. The "Your Custom Schemes" page allows you to browse and use any custom colour schemes you have made or have copied from other players. You can delete, copy, edit and use any of the schemes here - but note that the edit option will not work if the scheme is from another player, and the player decided not to make his scheme "modifiable". Finally you can create your own custom colour scheme on the "Create Custom Scheme", which will take you through a step-by-step wizard allowing you to customise many things related to the game layout - and you can make your own custom scheme public afterwards to allow other users to use and rate your scheme.