Bushtarion Manual
Bounty Hunting
* Essentials
* How do I bounty hunt?
* How much bounty will I receive?
For players who choose to play in an "unlawful/criminal" manner, a bounty is placed upon their heads. The more unlawful they are, the higher the bounty you can potentially receive from killing them/stealing land from them. All players with red titles have a bounty on their heads; the bounty percentage for each title can be seen on the titles page. Members of alliances which have red titles also have extra bounties placed on their heads related to the alliances title, and added to their own personal bounty level. The most unlawful players in the game (those with the highest bounties) are shown on the Most Wanted list (under World Tables).

How do I bounty hunt?
In order to "claim" a bounty, you need to either steal land from the player, or kill their troops while they are at their own company (killing them by defending against, or when they are defending somebody else against you, is not seen as "pro-active bounty hunting" by the Bounty Hunters Guild). Bounty can also be gained by killing players while they are defending the company of a player who has a bounty. This bounty is calculated based on the target's bounty level, not the defenders, and you only gain half as much as the normal bounty.
The amount of bounty you actually receive is dependant upon a number of factors. First and most important is their bounty level. Then of course is how many troops you actually kill/how much land you actually steal. But also the nature of your attack can impact how much of the bounty the Bounty Hunters Guild gives you - attacking somebody at 50% of your size with a couple of friends isn't seen as something a real bounty hunter would do, and so the bounty paid to you will reflect this. It is not always easy to get the maximum bounty percentage from a target first time, nor is it meant to be - real bounty hunters have to work for their money, and go after real challenges!

How much bounty will I receive?
The bounty that the Bounty Hunters Guild gives depends on a number of factors, including the nature of the attack, the bounty on the target, what you do to the target and how it all goes. For example, your target has a Law and Fame title of 'Disreputable' (15% bounty), and you kill 1,000,000,000 worth of troops. This will mean that you could potentially receive a maximum of 150,000,000 in bounty. However, the amount of that you can receive depends upon the nature of the attack (see above "How do I bounty hunt?"). You can also receive less bounty if there are no lethal units killed (for example if all you kill are gardeners), or due to other variables that affect how the Bounty Hunters Guild "perceives" the battle. Unit classifications (Innocents, lethals etc.) can be found under Staff/Units in this manual.