Bushtarion Manual
Quick Start Guide
  This Quick Start guide is intended for people that want to dive right in and just want a brief summary of all the key features of the game and a basic idea of what to do. For further information on any subject mentioned, simply consult the rest of the manual.

Making Money:
  Money is made by selling plants and seeds (plants get you more money though!). In order to get these:
  * Cultivate your land on the "Land Management" page - Bush is best to begin with.
  * Head to the "Supply Depot" page and buy some plants.
  * Head to the "Hiring" page and hire some Gardeners and Harvesters.
  * Instruct your Gardeners to grow and plant your plants on the "Maintenance" page.
  * Seeds will appear soon enough and you can either sell them on the "Supply Depot" page or get your Gardeners to grow them into Plants and then sell these for more money.
Note: It is best to grow plants during sunny weather ticks - anything else will get you a lower yield and therefore less money.
Land + Gardeners + Plants + Harvesters = Seeds.....Seeds + Gardeners = Plants.....Plants = MONEY!

Making Progress:
  Once you are making money, you can buy more land on the "Land Management" page, but once you are established stealing it is even more fun. In order to steal land from another player you will need to send a mob to them. Mobs are controlled on the "Military" page.
In the beginning you will only have basic units to send since you have not researched and built new facilities. These units include:
  * Wheelbarrowers: the units that will actually steal the land for you.
  * Hippys and Yobs: units that distract and disable opponent's units.
Note: Gardeners are usually sent out in mobs, although they will not actually *do* anything, they will absorb enemy fire thus acting as a cheap shield for your other more useful units.
  * On the "Military" page indicate how many of your units you want to send out.
  * Enter the ID of the player to attack - your mob will then leave, attack and return unless you recall it.
  * Battle Reports will appear in your news about the success of your mob's attack.

Making More, More, More:
  In order to progress in the game you will need to carry out some of the developments on the "Development" page.
  * Researching and constructing developments will allow you to hire different and more advanced units.
  * You will have to chose a tech route to follow which prevents you from following all other routes - each route has its pros and cons.
Routes: Protestor, Thug, Military, Robotics, Special Ops. and Fantasy.
  * There are also developments which allow you to carry out intelligence scans on other players.
  * Scans are carried out on the "Intelligence" page which provide you with information about other player's land, resources, units and recent activities - meaning you can plan better attacks.

Extra things to note:
  * Bushtarion is ruled by ID 1 Police HQ of The Government who automatically monitors all attacks and sends government defence to help protect solo players from being attacked by overwhelming forces - take these government defensive forces on at your peril!
  * Anyone in the game can send their staff to defend ID 1 as a way of "running their staff away from home" for a while for safety - nobody can attack ID 1 so any staff sent to defend will be safe until they return.
  * Gameplay can be further enhanced by joining an alliance, check out the "Alliances" page and the Recruitment section on the "Forums" page.