Bushtarion Manual
* Essentials
* What Makes A Good Alliance
* How To Start An Alliance

* Recruiting
* How To Delete An Alliance
* How To Join An Alliance
* How To Quit An Alliance
* Kicking An Unwanted Alliance Member
* Permissions System
* 'Your Alliance' Page
* 'Alliance Politics' Page
* Other Pages
  An alliance is a group of up to 20 players who work together in hopes of rising to the pinnacle of the Bushtarion pile. Alliances can be an excellent way to meet new people, find someone willing to train you in the art of Bushtarion, as well as provide you with defense against your enemies. Being in an alliance provides you with benefits (nineteen other defenders, ability to see incoming on your alliance mates, special Head Quarters units, a rapid response for defense, and a politics section similar to a private forum) as well as drawbacks (loss of anti-rape protection, and inevitable loss of troops defending your alliance mates).

What Makes A Good Alliance:
  Alliances can be arranged for a variety of reasons. Assuming one of the reasons is to get toward the top of the rankings, a good alliance requires several major characteristics:
  1) A good leader. Someone to make decisions for the alliance, to help guide the alliance as it travels through Bushtarion time, and to help keep spirits up when they inevitably get zeroed. Keep in mind that an alliance can also be run more democratically than authoritarian. It is all up to you.
  2) Coverage. If there is no one online, no defense can be sent. So, finding friends from around the world or those who can play at various hours of the day is important.
  3) Route Variety. It is essential in order for your group to meet the challenges that are sure to come your way that you have a variety of routes. You will need people with troops that are good armor killers and others who are good health killers. Having someone able to take on protestors for example is also essential to alliance play. For instance, the Harrier is an excellent armor killer. However, if you have mainly harriers in your alliance, a special ops player, a political mastermind player, or an RPG player can hurt you and there is little you can do about it. A combination of these alliance characteristics is essential to attaining high ranks.

How To Start An Alliance:
  Alliances can be started at any point of the game starting during the pre-round sign-up time, until 3 days before the end of the round. In order to create an alliance, simply go to the preferences page on the left-hand menu in-game, and then select "alliances". After you input an alliance name and click the confirmation link, you will find that you are "in" a brand new alliance. As the creator of an alliance, you will automatically be made the "leader". This position will be explained below.
  Note: There is a list of alliances available by using the "Alliances" tab on the left side of the screen.

 Recruitment is done through a process of members "applying" to join your alliance, and a member with appropriate recruit permissions either accepting, or declining, the member application. If the alliance reaches maximum capacity, people can still request to join, but you will be unable to accept any. A player can only be requesting to join a single alliance at a time, and must cancel one request before requesting to join another. As well as the ingame mechanism for recruitment, there is a section on the Bushtarion forums dedicated to recruitment,

How To Delete An Alliance:
Only the leader of an alliance can delete the alliance from the game. If the leader of an alliance leaves the alliance, the member with "backup/replacement leader" status is made leader. If the former leader has given noone this status, then the member with the highest security level is made leader. For an alliance to be completely disbanded, the leader must leave the alliance when they are the only person in it.

How To Join An Alliance:
  If you would like to join an alliance that someone else has created, you can apply to join an alliance by clicking on their name on the Alliances page, and selecting "request to join this alliance", at which stage you can enter a message to the alliance. The Recruitment section of the Bushtarion forums is also a useful resource when looking for an alliance to join.

How To Quit An Alliance:
  If you wish to quit an alliance, go back to the alliances tab, and click "Leave Alliance". Then click the "Confirm Alliance Leave" link. NOTE: For 6 hours you are still classified as an alliance player for anti-rape calculations; this means that you do NOT receive anti-rape protection during this time. In addition, you can not receive defense from your former alliance (unless you have any of their members set as 1 of your 2 personal NAPs). Many people consider this a good time to take an 8 hour sleep so that you can not be attacked during the period in which you are not protected.

Kicking An Unwanted Alliance Member:
  During the course of a round, the alliance may decide that a player does not belong in that alliance. The alliance can ask that person to voluntarily leave the alliance, or the leader can "kick" the offending player. When in the leader position, there is a link titled "kick" beside the name of each player on the "Your Alliance" page. The leader simply clicks that link and confirms that s/he wishes to kick the specified player. That player is immediately removed from the alliance without warning and without recourse. The kicked player can not rejoin that alliance unless the leader again gives him/her the password (assuming the password has changed since that member originally joined). The kicked player then has a 6 hour transition period before being classified as solo, meaning that no anti-rape protection is available. Alliances have been known to kick and zero a player they suspect of being a spy as that player sleeps in real-life.

Permissions System:
The alliance leader can specify the exact options available to any and every member - eg you could have an alliance where only the leader can do anything. You could have 6 members all capable of viewing military outgoings. You could have everybody able to do everything. You can also limit members a bit more than default settings normally allow - you can prevent members from seeing alliance incomings, or from viewing "Officer Only" threads - if you are recruiting new members whom you don't fully trust, you may find this useful. Almost every option related to "abilities" in an alliance are configurable for every member.
Alliance premissions can be changed by the leader by clicking on the name of any member of the alliance, and selecting or deselecting a list of checkboxes for a wide array of permissions.

'Overview' Page:
  The only addition to this page for alliance members is the "Alliance Overview Message." This appears in the middle of the page and can be essentially anything that members with sufficient access put there for all members to see. A few details in "Miscellaneous" section are modified, such as your alliance security level and title.

'Your Alliance' Page:
  This page contains the majority of the changes available by being in an alliance; * Status: Private alliances do not allow others to see their membership. Public alliances show their members listed on the World Rankings or Search pages.
* Members: Shows the number of members you have out of the maximum allowable (ie, 17/20 means you have 17 out of a possible 20 members).
* Current Rank shows the rank of your alliance out of all alliances in Bushtarion.
* The Current Income Tax is indicated here (this is set by the alliance leader and the money is taken out of any sales members perform within the Supply Depot page).
* Alliance funds indicates the amount of money the alliance has (this does not include any personal funds), and the Donate from own funds box allows you to give your money to the alliance to increase this amount.
* Alliance incoming indicates all incoming mobs at alliance members that are close enough to be seen. At the beginning of an alliance, you will be able to see incoming mobs at ETA 3. Once searchlights are researched, you will be able to see incoming mobs at ETA 5, and after satellite station is researched ETA 6 mobs will be visible. It is up to your leader to perform alliance developments, but these will need funding from alliance funds.
* The bottom of the page with title "[Your Alliance] {Show all members}" shows you all of your members that are currently online by default. You can see their ID, rank, the last day they were active (officers can see the last time a player was active), Owner Name, Company Name, Acres and rank (for whichever rank type you are viewing). The list can be sorted by any of these values. In addition, clicking {"Show all members}" switches the display to show all your members not just those that are currently online.

'Alliance Politics' Page:
  Alliance politics is essentially a private forum for you alliance members. You can create threads, reply to other people's threads, edit your posts, or delete your own threads. Members with sufficient access can also create "stickied" threads which stay at the top of the politics or they can create threads which can only be seen or replied to by members with a specified security level.

Other Pages:
There are other pages relevant to alliances that can be seen, some of which can only be seen if you are the alliance leader, or if the alliance leader has provided you with access to these pages, they include:

* Alliance Mail:  Largely like personal mail, except is a way for your alliance as a whole to send mail to other alliance HQs or other players (such as for recruitment). Be aware that mail sent from your HQ should be seen as representing your entire alliance, and so should be taken seriously.
* Alliance Military: This page works just like the normal Military page, except is controlling any Alliance HQ troops your alliance may have.
* Alliance Logs: Shows changes within the alliance, such as members joining, leaving, or having their security level modified.
* Maintain: Allows leadership to be changed, alliance images to be changed, as well as the Alliance Overview message