Bushtarion Manual
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* Overview
* News
* Messages
* Journal

* Your Alliance
* Alliance Politics

* Hiring
* Development

* Maintenance
* Supply Depot
* Land Management
* Intelligence
* Military
* Alliance Military

* World Rankings
* World Tables
* World View
* Enemies
* Statistics
* Alliances
* Search

* ID Preferences
* Account Settings
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  The overview page is the first page you see once you are logged onto the game. Here you can see messages from admin, alliance messages, any research or developments that you are doing along with any incoming or outgoing staff that you have. You also see all your staff, land, plants etc.

  On this page you can see all the new fanmail you got from your enemies, messages from friends or others in the game. On this page you'll also see an option to add friends in your "friends list" with an option to only receive mails from your friends. It all speaks for itself. You're also able to block those annoying spammers, by putting their ID on the "ignore list".

  This page shows all news for your company (with the latest unread news being marked in the hostile colour). Things such as Outgoing mobs, incoming mobs, developments you've started or finished, battle reports, detected intelligence scans on yourself etc. You can filter news related to a specific ID. You can also hide your old/unwanted news - but this only hides it from your personal news page, spy scans will still see hidden news. (news gets permanently deleted once it is 4 real time days old).

  Here you can store notes, scans, information, or any other information you might want to keep handy.

Your Alliance:
  The Your Alliance page shows details of your alliance like: the people that are online, the incoming mobs on the alliance, the alliance rank and other details that speak for itself.

Alliance Politics:
  Everyone in the alliance has access to this page, this page is to arrange stuff like defense, attacks or to randomly chat about things.

  You can hire your staff here, as well as see a description of the units you have.

  On this page you can start researches and constructions.

  On this page you can grow your seeds or plant your plants.

Supply Depot:
  Here you can buy or sell plants and seeds.

Land Management:
  Here you can buy land and choose what type of land you want your new acres to be.

  Here you can buy and do drive by's, fly over's, haxors, and spies, assuming you have them researched.

  On this page you can send your army for defense or an attack. You can see how many units of each type you have and you can also see how much experience they have.

Alliance Military:
  This option is only available for members which the alliance leader has given sufficient access to after they have developed the buildings that are needed for this. This page shows the amount of units the alliance has and the experience the units have. On the Alliance Military page you can send mobs to attack other HQ's, or to defend alliance members.

World Rankings:
  This page shows the current top 10 companies. It also shows the 15 companies above you and the 15 below you in ranks. At the top of the page you can select which of the 2 rank/score types to view.

World Tables:
  This page shows the current top 10 companies and the 15 ranked above and below you in Bounty Hunting, Fearsome Rating, or Stealer; depending on which you selected.

World View:
  This page shows the 15 (selectable) closest ID's above and a below you. You can centre on a particular ID.

  This page lists all of your own personal enemies - players that have either taken land from you, killed staff, or bribed your staff. They can become enemies either by attacking you directly, or fighting against you in an attack (defending against you/being the victim of one of your attacks). This page lists details (such as damage done/received) for the enemies, as well as any personal bounty you may have on the enemies.

  This page relates to the statistics achieved on four different levels: Personal (your own personal statistics), Global (World 1), Your Alliance (provided that you're in one) and Alliances (showing which alliance is doing best in what statistic).

  Shows the rankings of the alliances in the game ) and allows you to view alliance flags and logos if an alliance has one set. To see the full alliance logo, click on the alliance name, which will also allow you to see memberlists for any public alliances and your own alliance. This page is also used to set Solo Partners, and to request to join alliances, as well as to create a new alliance.

  On this page you can search for targets in a certain attack range, enter id's and get a list with all their details as in score, name and rank. Or add id's in the "not id list" to avoid your naps or friends showing up in your search list. You can also search people on the amount of land they have. Other options to search or not search on are: Locked, Sleep, Own alliance or Public alliance. You can order by three things on the Search page: ID, Rank (the 3 rank types) and Land. All options can be searched either ascending or descending. If you want you can also search for (parts) of Owner or Company names.

ID Preferences:
  On this page you can change password, colour scheme, delete your ID, put your ID in Sleep Mode and in ID options you can enable/disable certain options for your ID.

Account Settings:
  This link will take you to the portal page "Account Details".

Account Mail:
  This link will take you to the portal page "Account Mail".

Purchase/Use Credits:
  This link will take you to the portal page "Purchase/Use Credits".

ID Selection:
  This link will take you to the portal page "ID Selection".

  This will log you out of the game. You'll show offline in the alliance memberlist pages.

  This link will take you to the portal page "News/Updates".

  This page will give you a link to a voting site. Click it and vote for Bushtarion, to help support Bushtarion and make the Bushtarion community bigger. In exchange for your vote you'll get extra seeds.

  A link to this manual.

  Place to chat and discuss about things or to talk about thing. Also a very good place to get recruited into an alliance. Sign up and join in with the discussions.