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Main Page:
  Identical to the page you see when you surf to "www.bushtarion.com" except that when you are logged in, it will be displayed in your personal Colour Scheme.

  This page is a collection of all announcements concerning the game, which where big/important enough for Azzer to make a news item about them.

Current Rankings:
  Shows the 50 players with the highest score. This top 50 is updated live and it is the top 50 from World 1. At the top of the page you can select which of the 3 rank/score types to view.

Past Rankings:
  Shows the rankings for previous rounds. Displays anywhere from top 10 to top 100 players, a certain amount of top alliances and for the last few rounds also the top H/F players.

Current Statistics:
  Shows the current Global Statistics.

Private Worlds:
Create PW:
  On this page you can purchase a Private World for you and your friends to play in. It allows you to select a large variety of options to chose from so you can customise your PW to your own specific demands.

List Worlds:
  This page shows 2 things, the amount of worlds still available for hire and some information about those that are already taken. Such as amount of time left in a world and if you click on the name, you'll get some more detailed information.

Manage PW::
  This page allows you to manage any private world you currently own. Youc an change private world options, and even delete people from your private world.

Help Files:
  A link to this manual.

Your Account:
Enter Game:
  Clicking this link will send you to the overview ( link to the overview section in the "game pages") of the currently selected ID

ID Selection:
  On this page you'll find the details about all your currently active IDs, aswell as an option to select which to use. Clicking on the name of a specific ID will select it (so you can enter via the "enter game" link. Clicking on the "enter" link behind an ID will automatically send you to the overview page of that ID.

Register New ID:
  On this page you can register a new ID in World 1 after a round has ended/after you have deleted an old ID. You also use this page if you want to create an ID in a Private World.

Account Mail:
  A mailing system quite similar to the in game mailing, only this one uses "Nicknames" instead of IDs. Use this system if you don't know a persons ID but you do want to get a message to him, or if you want to keep your ID secret.

Account Details:
  On this page you'll find the information regarding your account, it also allows you to change some of them. Information found include: Username (used for login) Nickname (used for account messaging and custom schemes) E-mail (used for confirmations) and amount of cookies/Bushtarion credits. This page also shows you your referral code and it explains how they work. Options to change your "nickname", "password" and "E-mail" are also found here.

ID History:
  On this page you'll find some information about all IDs previously owned by you (more exactly, all IDs run via your account). Clicking on an ID here will provide you with further information about it. If you don't like them there, you can delete PW IDs from this page, you can also delete any W1 ID from it, but only if that ID never had more then 10 acres.

Log Out:
  Logs you out of your account and out of the game.

Bushtarion Credits:
Purchase/Use Credits:
  On this page you can: "Purchase new credits", "Transfer credits to friends" and "Check your purchase history". This is also the page where you can use your credits for various things. These options include: "Purchasing game cash" (assuming it's active at that time in W1), "Buying the blueprint of your purchase unit" (only when the world allows it and you have finished your techtree) "ID booking" (book a new ID for next round, pre-selecting the ID and reserving your own name) and the booking of a private world.

Purchase History:
  Shows all past purchases made with BC, transfers to and from your account aswell as any BC purchased via any of the methods.

Bushtarion Community:
"Bushtarion Forums":
  A place to talk with others, to suggest ideas, to ask for help or to seek recruitment into an alliance.
"IRC Instructions":
  A direct link to this manuals help files on IRC
"Bush Stats":
  A fan site ran by several players, has some interesting features
"mIRC BushScript":
  One of the features on Bush Stats, a bushtarion oriented mIRC script
"Hall Of Shame":
  Another Bush Stats feature, pictures and round history of those who wish to enter their details.