Bushtarion Manual
* Protestor
* Thug
* Military
* Robotics
* Special Ops
* Fantasy
  The protestor route is a defensive based route that is cheap and quick to develop. There are three branches where you can choose from:
Protestor-Political Mastermind: The political mastermind branch is a defensive based branch. The route has all kind of blockers like the "guru" for blocking flak and the "PoMs" (political masterminds) to block the lethal and some flak. The only unit that can really hurt this route badly is the "biker". Protestor-PoMs are very useful for alliances as they can block a lot of the incoming. This route is mainly for defensive play styles. Purchase unit: not needed, but is fun if you want to bribe other units.
Protestor-Terrorist: This branch has the early defensive units and when reaching the "Violent demonstrator" the offensive capabilities of this route will come into the game. The "hippy van" combined with the "terrorist" or even the "terrorist leader" makes this a good route for defensive and some offensive play styles. Purchase unit: recommended.
Protestor-Fanatics: This branch is one built for last tick combat. The protestor is able to deal damage to virtually anyone on the last tick. However this lethal force means the offensive is sacrificed. If you use this route attacking together with others is recommended. Also high activity is needed for this route as most of its units are for last combat tick only. Purchase unit: recommended.

  A very popular route with many people for its cheap price, quick development, and sheer simplicity. The route is an "All-rounder" on the "petrol bomber" and "nutter" branch and a "specialist" on the thief branch. Can be played well by active solo players and alliance players alike, and does not require much strategy planning. A good route to take if you do not have a very particular "play style" and want quick developments with cheap units. Also the bikers which come on all 3 branches of thugs are perfect for rush attacks cause you can send them ETA 3 which you usually avoid first tick def with. There are three branches from which you can choose:
Thug-Petrol bomber: The petrol bomber branch is a branch which is both good on offensive and defensive. It is the main thug branch, due to its abilities to cover your other lethals with "jeeps" and the rather good "petrol bombers" early in the development stage. If you don't have any experience with Thugs it is best to start out with this branch until you get more experience with the thug branch. Purchase unit: not needed, but will be a great addition to your branch as the Terrorist leader is a very nice overall lethal killer.
Thug-Nutter: This branch has its emphasis on "flak". The units are cheap to develop and to buy. The "nutters" on this branch are used to sweep alongside your "hooligans" to make sure your Terrorist leader hit the geo-thieves on the range combat ticks (in defence), and the attack dogs can be used as "cheap lethal flak" taking the losses instead of your expensive Terrorist leaders or Terrorist. Purchase unit: recommended, as you don't have any good lethal killing units on your route otherwise.
Thug-Thief: The thief branch is a specialist branch. You will get fast thieves (ETA 3), but blocking/killing flak will be a hard thing at the start. Once you get the terrorist it's a lot easier to defend against incoming. This route is perfect for rush attacks as it has many units with low eta's. Purchase unit: recommended, as you don't have any good lethal killing units on your route otherwise.

  The military route is a very tactical or strategy based route very heavily aimed at offense. Not advised for solo players due to its lack of any good defensive units, and generally popular amongst alliance players as it seriously bolsters the "strong arm" of large joint alliance attacks. Can be a relatively expensive route to play. There are three branches where you can choose from:
Military-Apache: This branch of the route offers "Brute-force" offensive power. The branch is quite expensive to develop at the start but the "heavy weapons" and "grenadiers" will make up for this. Once the "striker" and "apache" are developed this route gets strong. "Striker" and "apache" are both units who are very hard to kill. Purchase unit: not needed.
Military-RPG: The RPG branch is a branch which is not very expensive. This branch aims for the faster developments and ETA's, with less emphasis on vehicles, more emphasis on tactics/strategy requiring a good combination of units. Also this branch has the route's only briber unit and has the unit with the lowest initiative. Note that this route is weak on it's last tick! Purchase unit: not needed, but can be fun if you want to bribe other units.
Military-Harrier: The harrier branch has a few cheap developments at the start which gives you units like the paratrooper. Once you get to the "ranger" you have some stronger lethals. The harriers on the route are some good robotic killers. Purchase unit: not needed, but the F117 is a very nice unit to have on your staff, it fires quick and kills a lot.

  A very expensive and slow to develop route, but it is extremely powerful. The robotics route is a heavily armoured route. This makes it a strong route versus several other routes at many points. Robotics is probably the most used route in this game, because it is good in both attack and defence. The "cybernetic warrior" which is on all three branches is a very strong lethal unit, which does a fair amount of damage. The "tyrant drone" on this route is a feared unit as this lethal can kill loads of flak, but also hits lethal.
Robotic-Psychopathic Android: this branch is very strong. "Automotons" are the first lethal on this branch, especially at the start they are good for flak killing. The "psychopathic androids (PA)" are good for killing lethal. The PA are very strong compared to other routes early in the round, due to its low initiative it is perfect for defence and offensive. Purchase unit: not needed.
Robotic-Stunbot: The stunbot branch is the robotic branch that focuses more on defence. The stunbot is a good sweeper, making the robotic player able to stop incoming himself with a combination of small droids and stunbots. (instead of the small droid as sweeper, cause the small droid can stop more flak then hippy/yobs can). It is also one of the two branches that reaches cybernetic warrior pretty fast. Purchase unit: not needed.
Robotic-Shield Android: this branch is based on a LOT of armour, the shield droid itself isn't good at killing lethals. This branch reaches the cybernetic warrior pretty fast, but until then it will be weak. Once the cybernetic warriors are developed you can use the shield droid as lethal flak (with A LOT of armour on the shields) making this branch very hard to kill. Purchase unit: not needed.

Special Ops:
  Reasonably priced route overall, with different branches suited to different styles of play, but all offering good options for solo players. The route has 2 places in which it splits branches, which combined give the route 7 possible combinations or branches to take. The first split is between "Spike Trap" (the perfect starting block for solo players very keen to defend themselves and their land), "Stealth Gardener" (which isn't revealed until ETA 2, preventing the enemy from knowing how much flak there is, due to ninjas sharing this reveal ETA), "Stealth Thief" (which whilst difficult to obtain so early on as it requires Geo-Phys Thieves to be researched first, offers a land-stealing unit that remains hidden with stealth until it reaches ETA 2 - turning the route in to the absolute best route for stealing land when combined with the other stealth units.) or you can choose the political briber and steal your enemies non lethal distractors and non lethal thugs. (Note that if you choose for the political briber you can NOT go assassins or bunkers!)
SO-Bunkers: This branch is purely based on defence. The only mobile lethal on this branch are ninjas and cloners (briber). The route is not very populair due to the fact that the bunkers aren't mobile, so when there are incoming they can't be evacuated. This route is mainly for solo players and perfect. Not many alliances will let bunker players in their alliance as they lack mobile defence units. Purchase unit: not needed, but makes the route a LOT stronger on defence.
SO-Assassins: The assassins branch is a more offensive route very much suited to land stealing and trickery. The assassins who are stealth until ETA 1 are perfect for killing the enemy you didn't like so much. Also it is hard to see what kind of units you have as most of the units are stealth. Purchase unit: not needed, but the Secret agent is very strong and a good RPG killer.
SO-Puppet Master: This branch can only be done if you've chosen for the political bribers at the earlier developments! This branch is very nice if you know how to bribe units. The only mobile lethals on this route are ninjas, the two briber variants (cloner, political briber) and armoured cars. You're able to bribe a lot of enemy units with this branch. Note that the steel wall unit will not kill any enemies, but don't think it is not doing any use - it helps provide some serious armour flak to the rest of your troops, and it does do some armour damage to the enemy to make the rest of your units a bit more effective at firing when defending yourself. Purchase unit: recommended, without the Puppet Master this route is very vulnerable to attacks.

  This route is a new route, and so strategies have not yet been developed. See what you can find out, maybe you could write for this section!