Bushtarion Manual
Bushtarion IRC
* Essentials
* First Time Users
* Server Information
* IRC Rules
  A large part of the Bushtarion community exists on IRC. As well as providing a place to chat amongst friends and alliance members, IRC also serves as a portal for meeting new people who also play Bushtarion. There are generally no special requirments for IRC - if you can access the Bushtarion website then you are able to connect to use IRC (exceptions may exist at schools/colleges or net cafes that have limited internet). Setting up IRC is simple and fast, you'll first need an IRC client to connect you to the server the official Bushtarion chatroom is based, then it's just a case of connecting to the server and the Bushtarion room with a few simple commands, and chatting!

First Time Users:
  This quick set of instructions generally applies to PC users - MIRC being the most popular IRC client on the PC. A quick Google search for "IRC Client" for your own platform should find you other appropriate software quickly enough, and most of the rest of the instructions on connecting to the server will still apply.

1: Download and install mIRC from http://www.mirc.com (Latest version is recommended).
2: Run mIRC.
3: Enter personal details, nickname etc.
4: Click Ok to confirm your details and exit the dialog, click in the command line and type "/server irc.netgamers.org" (without the quotation marks)
5: You'll then be connected to the IRC server the chatroom is based. If you have an active firewall allow mIRC the rights it requests.
6: Type "/join #Bushtarion" (again without the quotation marks).
7: You're in, mIRC is working as it should and you can now chat away to other #Bushtarion IRC users.
8: See you there!

Server Information:
  For those who are already experienced at IRC and just need the basic information to join:
* Server: irc.netgamers.org
* Room: #Bushtarion
IRC Rules:
  For a fairly comprehensive list of the rules related to the IRC room, check the IRC rules here