Bushtarion Manual
Introduction to Bushtarion
  Bushtarion is an online multiplayer strategy war game that is played entirely through your web browser - no downloads, no java applets, nothing that needs to be installed on your PC, and no complicated 3D graphics - just pure good old fashioned gameplay. Unlike most games out there, it has both a unique core concept, and many unique features that set it apart from any competition. You'll be hooked on just how deep you can go with all the twists and turns possible in Bushtarion, as well as the friends (and enemies!) you can make from interacting with the rest of the Bushtarion community. Many real life friendships and relationships have sprung up or disappeared because of Bushtarion - but of course if you prefer, nothing is stopping you from keeping to yourself and just secretly working your way up the rankings and destroying all and sundry around you.

  You play with one account, and from that account you actually run your own gardening company. The basic idea is to become the biggest gardening company around, either through clever diplomacy, crafty planning, brute force or any other methods you can use to your advantage. You can buy land, steal land from other people, develop new technologies and hire a huge variety of units that can aid you or hinder your enemies. You grow and plant seeds, and sell them for money. You have to compete against a full-blown weather system that has days, nights, seasons and years, and try to forecast the weather yourself. You can play by yourself, as well as join (or even create) an alliance that will allow you to group up with a number of other companies to work together and take down larger companies with your combined forces, or fight off the hordes of enemies together.

  Bushtarion is not a "Live Game" - it is a "Tick Based Game", and Bushtarion runs a "Tick" every 10 minutes. What this means is that every 10 minutes, Bushtarion "Ticks Over" (like an engine), which takes roughly 5 seconds to do. Every time it "Ticks Over", things happen - the weather can change, armies move closer to their targets, battles occur, seeds get harvested, plants are planted and grown, developments progress, etc. etc. If you find this concept confusing - don't be alarmed, you will soon get in to the swing of things, it is not as complicated as it sounds.

  Things may look daunting at first with all the different menu options, phrases and terminology flying around, but if you're not afraid to jump right in it's easy to get in to the hang of things. If you ever get stuck or confused about things then this manual, the in-game help buttons, and asking people in the forums or the official IRC (Internet Relay Chat) rooms should soon help you figure things out.

  Have a read through the rest of the manual pages, and you will find they work in a half-tutorial, half-manual way, and you'll be able to get the simple explanations, the long and complex explanations, and some mini walk-throughs from the various pages found here.

  Good luck with your gardening company, and as always, may the best gardener win!