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  1. DarkSider

    Alliance name

    Make it so the name of an alliance from the current round it's restricted to be choosed by it's leader only for next round.
  2. DarkSider


    I have to say i agree with that, we need less harsh winters because catching a single sun in an entire day while i'm fairly active it's probably bad :P Those who got an acre advantage get alot of income and their development runs smoothly, those who started their developement already will laugh...
  3. DarkSider

    Public allies ?

    Well i kinda like the idea of public allies and Azzer seems to be concerned about players reaction about this so i thought to make a poll for lazy ppl to vote and others can maybe reply with a post aswell :p Note that for next round fly overs will show the "spy" from last 15 minutes and i...
  4. DarkSider

    Bugged awards :(

    Warlord 25 Rank 1 effectiveness Yes Effectiveness: 269,477,791 [Final Rank: 1] And i didn't get the award :( Plus i only planted not in sun one time only the entire round and planted maybe over 200-300 times and no weatherman award either :(
  5. DarkSider

    Remove thread tags in forums

    Quite self explanatory title :) Reason for it beeing that currently it's only used to give your quick input about the thread while hiding behind anonimity. Most of the tags i see are "fanbois ego masturbation" or "f0xx is gay" "5 min tick is dumb" "rainbows and carebears". If you have an...
  6. DarkSider

    The game

    Well i'm bored and this discution started in a small channel so i'm wondering what ppl like at the game, what they hate, in which direction they'd want the game to go to improve their time invested in here. Most likely too late for the suggestions/opinions to be considered for a near future...
  7. DarkSider

    Team work !!

    I pasted it in mirc but for those that missed and want a smile on their face : " I did it " <-- what a hero :D
  8. DarkSider


    DarkSider says: Can you change all awards that are not rewardeble anymore to something that players can achieve? DarkSider says: And would be ace if you also changed the totally random ones like get caught only 5% scans or get haloween messages etc :/ DarkSider says: Gives awards more...
  9. DarkSider

    Public id's

    Add a sign on rankings and search page for id's that are public, maybe in intel pages aswell since some might go public later in the round and it's unlikely you gonna press their acc all the time :p Also add a search option for "public only" in search page.
  10. DarkSider

    Reducing activity version 2 :D

    Well i like the more general aproach to change the game instead smaller bits like sleep mode to help with this problem or a 1 time resistance system or any other system vs rank 1 ally alone so i suggest a very radical change: Make default injuries for all attacks and defences: 90% for all LET...
  11. DarkSider

    Session expire in forums.

    I think i made 5 posts today out of which on 4 my session expired before i pressed post .. so would be nice if that time was increased :P
  12. DarkSider

    Counting the bodies | R30

    After a lot of action in forums and in game seems both sides (TBA and resistance) took a break to count bodies and lick their wounds so i used this opportunity to get a hold of important members in the top allies to say a few words. Here is non TBA side as i'll give TBA a chance to see the...
  13. DarkSider

    Quake live It's played in browser, you need to install a small plugin and you're good to go :) Gimme a shout if you're ready to rock and want more private action, i played on a couple servers and the guys there are quite good.
  14. DarkSider

    Since is the gripe season...

    I always wanted to gripe about self centred ppl who often are officials or old players or wannabe superstars that especially in the suggestion forum act like they're in charge of the game. Didn't want to make this thread when i was anoyed by said posts so they don't take it as a personal hit for...
  15. DarkSider

    Cards on the table | R30

    What's this ? Bushtarion recent events near the top as they happened or as the interviewed players claim to. The intent of this 'article' is to hype the things at the top while also allowing the players not involved in those battles to have an idea of those happenings and hopefully enjoy a good...
  16. DarkSider

    [Taken] Cheerleader

    Well i think i'll go with the tradition from my last rounds as i cba playing this round properly, so if you want a hairy butt hanging around in your ally chan for some laughs and poke fun about your smelly members gimme a shout :D Edit: Seems there was a small confusion, i'm not looking to...
  17. DarkSider

    Age 5.1 Best names

    A sort of minigripe right here :P My personal opinion is that it might look nice to have some more creative names rather than 1 word with your name or a random "boo" :P Search hard and find some cool names and set your id public if you wish :) Will post again later with some cool names i find :p
  18. DarkSider

    100 pushups

    So i just saw this link in another room and i want to put it to the test :D Most likely i won't have the motivation to go through it if i try alone so if there are others that want to give it a go let's flex our muscles over here. Takes only a couple minutes a day and we can have a good laugh i...
  19. DarkSider

    $500,000,000 but you get kicked in the balls 3 times daily

    Copied from another forum where it seems it started a huge disscution so: Rules: Every day, you're awoken by a kick in the balls. And at 2 random points in the day you're kicked in the balls. There's no way of getting out of this deal. The person kicks you hard. No one else can see this...
  20. DarkSider

    Har har :(

    This is the true story of how i installed windows XP after beeing unsatisfied with windows Vista and deciding i need to downgrade back after just 2 days. No animals suffered from this and no original cd's were used either ^^ So Windows Vista was a pain in the ass. Couldn't find a driver to...