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  1. Polo

    Polo's Bushtarion Background Script

    No idea if anyone else will find this interesting/useful. :P After messing around with the colour scheme system in bush I realised it would be so much better if you could use full screen background images that resized as necessary (as otherwise you end up with either an image tiled loads of...
  2. Polo

    A way to encourage players to stay on attacks/defence

    Currently, most players are massive scorequeens (particularly those "ftw" players). If an attack won't be won whilst suffering nearly no losses, attackers recall. If a defence won't be won whilst suffering nearly no losses, defenders recall (and the person under attack sends out). The game has...
  3. Polo

    [Taken] Polo for R34

    I might actually bother to play. I'll be active if/when there are decent wars going on. I'll be inactive otherwise. Edit: cba to play :D
  4. Polo

    Nerf Tractors/Combines

    They're ridiculous. They need about two thirds of their current armour or double/triple their cost and stats.
  5. Polo

    Dumpdata suggestion

    Could the dumpdata include profile nicks (if public, of course)?
  6. Polo

    [Taken] Polo for round 33

    Might play, might not. Depends on what offers I receive. I'm looking for an ally that will be active and participate in wars. Large scale wars are pretty much the one thing that will keep me interested now! :P I can be very active, so long as the other alliance members put in the effort too...
  7. Polo

    Aion Just wondering whether anyone is going to be getting this. It looks pretty good! Preordered it today. :)
  8. Polo

    Compulsive Collector

    Is it just me or is that sentence slightly contradictory? Can anyone shed some light on this? :P
  9. Polo

    [Available] Looking for an ally or 2 PNAPs

    I'm looking for an ally to chill in for the rest of the round. I will provide the following to an alliance: - Uncontactableness - Reasonabe activity (around 9 hours a day) - RPGs and ROs - Planning on spending the round bribing with ROs and/or killing with my RPGs - Someone who is going to...
  10. Polo

    Need a graphic artist

    I'm looking for someone who is a good graphic artist to create a few images for a project I'm developing. I can't offer any monetary payment, however there will be other forms of payment (the details of which I won't go into now) if the images are used. What I require will be very simple...
  11. Polo

    Mass route/unit balancing/make-more-interesting-ing – Take 2

    I spoke to Azzer a few days back and he said he'd look at making some unit changes for next round and that I should remake/update my original post (see: and he'd thing about it. ---------- First off I'll post a summary of each route...
  12. Polo

    Bush + Adblock Plus

    I have the Firefox extension Adblock Plus installed (which blocks ads etc and also allows you to block anything you want). Since yesterday, I noticed the "block this object" in the top left-hand corner of all Bush pages. If I click the button, the object that I can block is...
  13. Polo

    [Taken] Considering playing R32

    I'm considering playing actively next round if I get a decent alliance or solo-triangle/group offer. About me: - Can be 24/7 contactable if required - Can be very active if required (currently 9.21 hours/day and I was on holiday for 6 days and haven't been at my most active either :P) - Very...
  14. Polo

    Friends/Ignores/Notes Unification

    Currently we have 3 extremely similar, but different, systems in the Friends List, Ignore List and Player Notes. To me, this seems extremely redundant. Especially if you are using 'Friends Only' and thus need/want to add players to both your Friends List and Player Notes list. As such, I...
  15. Polo

    Congrats & Thanks to RebelRapeRepeat

    As leader of RebelRapeRepeat, I just want to thank those members who left RapeRinseRepeat with me and those who joined us in our quest to kill RapeRinseRepeat. I also want to congratulate RebelRapeRepeat for leading and consequently causing a successful resistance. To the resistance - just...
  16. Polo

    Scum of the Earth

    Just thought I'd post this to let the playerbase know how low certain members of the community are. A few days ago someone pretending to be Signpost applied to join RebelRapeRepeat. Assuming this was *the* Signpost, I happily accepted him. Turns out it was not, he was a spy for members of the...
  17. Polo

    [Full] RebelRapeRepeat

    The new and improved RRR, RebelRapeRepeat are recruiting 6 players to fill our ranks. What we want: - Preferably old school players that have played with Martin and/or me before - Activity helps but isn't required - Any route PM me on the forums or in game to apply.
  18. Polo

    Mass route/unit balancing/make-more-interesting-ing

    Edit: Upon reflection of feedback, some changes have been changed again. Read to see these changes. Note: This is a long read but hopefully a worthwhile one. If you really cba to read it all, at least scan the suggested Thug...
  19. Polo

    Round 29.5/30 Award issues

    Just pointing out to Azzer that the profile awards from one of the rounds inbetween 29 and 30 are still in the database.
  20. Polo

    People who need the game to hold their hand + scorequeening

    Since I started playing the game, this is the thing that has annoyed me more than anything else. So, I've finally decided to post a gripe about it. :P Why do people need the game to hold their hand so much? What I mean by this is why can't people make their own fun? Before H/F, Eff, Bounty etc...