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  1. Lukey


    Come back for 2 - 3 rounds and the game just is not what it used to be. Cheat being chuck around here there and every where... Im out deleted ID was fun while it lasted.
  2. Lukey


    Just like to say well done to DVS who managed to make his alliance split before round start. hahahahaha
  3. Lukey

    [Available] Tempt me

    Will make an id and play for an ally where I would know people!! Will steal quick etc you know my drill.. anything but dogs/pom
  4. Lukey

    [Available] Spare Time

    got some spare time on my hands if anyone wants to tempt me in to playing again!! activish between hours of 7 am - 11 pm i do like my sleep now though!!
  5. Lukey


    Anyone still around :D
  6. Lukey

    It was breif

    2 rounds back not playing full round.. I'd deleted well done hw!! My ally couldn't stick together so I'd rather not play than play with out them. Thank you all fl and attitude was good. Also sorry to the people who joint attitude was a shambles. Ciao
  7. Lukey

    [Available] I'll play

    Noticed a few oldies back I'll play... Showed what I could do other round when I was Hi Barbie!! Let me know!! Only to win.
  8. Lukey

    [Available] Who wants me?

    24/7 contactable on and off all day via phone! <3 iphone just thought id see if i still can play would like an ally where everyone else trys!
  9. Lukey

    [Available] Next Round

    Taken a short break, fancy giving the round a go! Want a decent ally! where i know people! Pretty ill atm so my activity is pretty high just sitting around as boring last round! You know who i am so hit me up if you want me will play active and contactable
  10. Lukey

    After 24 Rounds

    After 24 rounds of playing (with out missing a round) always being allied ofc :) I quit! This may come as music to some peoples ears, after some stuff thats happened this round I will not be playing. To have my little free time being ruined by childish people I have decided its enough. I thank...
  11. Lukey

    [Taken] Inactive Oldie

    3 - 4 hours a day if i dont find anyone ill solo ittt! i can bring exp and contactable via phone some days! If anyone wants me ill be here ill play start weekend as thats my faviourite so i dont mind massing gurus for someone then going solooooo :)
  12. Lukey


    What a player! what more can i say his poo smells like roses he holds 30 k land atm exacly he pwns he is amazing if i wanted to be anything it would be polo /me wubs la polooooo <33333
  13. Lukey

    Alliance Banners

    There is a total lack of effort in the alliance banners now! its really annoying i will always make sure our ally has a fun home made banner others just get some crappy picture off google :/ Everyone used to have such good banners all home made etc :( stop slacking! i used to love looking at...
  14. Lukey

    Fifa 09

    Anyone still not chat on it! i have it look the new pro mode where you can only be one player! ashton all the way. any other people playing?
  15. Lukey

    Finally Hanging Up My Boots

    After a mixed round i have decided to stop playing the idea of spies to take allies down has just ruined the in the game sour milk blah blah w/e you wanna say i dont care. Just like to thank my ally this round for staying strong just couldnt do it any longer after so long. Thanks to all fun...
  16. Lukey

    Age Of Empires 3 (Online)

    Anyone play? If you do say ill play you :D
  17. Lukey

    Ultimate Ultimate Alliance 2!

    I made one of these in old forums about 5 -6 rounds ago, just wondered if things had changed. So me being bored and all made a new one :D ***20 Current Playing Players For An Alliance, With Reasons*** Woop! :)
  18. Lukey

    Christmas Break

    Yea yea you all have to see family and stuff and im not suggesting we shouldnt have it so none of us can die but.... i feel that the people with more land going in to this break have an advantage other the rest as they can sit and build the funds and not get attacked etc meaning when the break...