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    [Recruiting] Bustin' Nuts

    we are apparently recruiting! -We want to portal so need some more members to finish the round with in our sexy alliance -We have complete alliance troops -We make you discover the joy of bustin' nuts -Yes, we we we oui just come join us already.
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    I hate...

    allied people who got almost no troops (a few millions of LETs is like no troops considering their ranks) except flak and geos, yet ranked top 20-30, carried by other members of the ally being totally useless to the ally, but continue to landwhore in order to gain more score while not losing...
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    Acre type awards

    i'm going for those awards this round and i need a clarification on this in case i'm doing it wrong and can correct it before the round end and get them (or one of them)! :) i thought of going for the flower acre award at the beginning of the round as i thought we could do only one single type...
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    [Available] Yochoko & Silence looking for a second pnap for Round 43!

    Will be playing chillaxed again. Not asking particularly anything from you, but we are reluctant to tell you what to do each time. So someone who has a common sense and can take a certain initiative. More importantly, someone who doesn't bug us. But if you are sexeh, exceptions can be made...
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    [Taken] Silence and Yochoko looking for a pnap for next round!

    We are looking for a second pnap for next round to form a trio. If you don't know who we are and/or what we do, please don't apply. Also, do NOT pm us anywhere unless we already know each other! Just post here. Will be checking the thread often!