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Originally Posted by [Ninja-7] View Post
Attacking Twigley's last few harriers for a touch of bounty. He is 71% of me. There were no additional attackers, and I hadn't hit him in the last 24 hours. Dafuq is with this honour loss?!

Battle Report - Attacking Classic Video Game
[range] 1,000,000 allied Vampire attacked, killing 295,538 hostile staff.
[range] 11,766 hostile Harrier attacked, killing 5,515 allied staff.

Died: 5,515 [303,325,000] friendlies dead. 295,538 [22,165,204,800] enemies dead.

You gained 1,406 effectiveness.
You lost 110.83 honour.
You earned 814,571,120 bounty.
You will soon be receiving 60,665,000 insurance.
how many times have you hit him this round? I know from experience of hitting Freddy one round many many times.. after so often even if it has been over 24 hours you lose honor on an otherwise honorable target
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